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Large Aubusson tapestry: bucolic fishing scene, workshop of Jean Dumonteil
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19000 € (port +200€)
Others, Louis XV, XVIII

Large wool and silk tapestry representing a soothing fishing scene in a rural and bucolic setting.

In the foreground the shimmering colors of the couple's outfits catch our eye. We notice the great delicacy of the faces, especially that of the fisherman, and the details like those of the canine companion. In the center some goats and their kids are resting. We also notice the attention paid to small elements such as the blue eyes of the goat.

In the background we notice a solitary fisherman on the left. A few cattle graze next to the large watermill. At the back, the large leafy trees in different shades of green give way to a bridge and a structure built in the background.
A rich border made up of floral motifs in bright and particularly fresh colors underlines the quality of this tapestry.

Marked in its stripe at the bottom: "MR Daubusson" for Manufacture Royale d'Aubusson and "J Dumonteil". Jean Dumonteil is an important upholsterer in the city of Aubusson and also consul under Louis XIV. Under the old regime, the function of consul was placed under royal administrative supervision and consisted of judicial functions. Jean Dumonteil was one of the 5 consuls of the city of Aubusson in 1665 and therefore occupies an important place because the function is given to the greatest merchants.

We find Jean Dumonteil quoted in the ordinance of Colbert of 1665 aiming to ensure prosperity to the factories of Aubusson. Dumonteil participated in the drafting of the statutes which govern the factories of Aubusson and affixed his signature to them. This tapestry from his workshop was cleaned and restored according to the rules of the art by the Bobin workshops by its former owners for the sum of €12,000.

Length: 364cm
Height: 260cm
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