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Large polychrome Nuremberg chest with padlock, 17th century
Chest, Haute époque, XVII

Nuremberg chest or privateer's chest made of riveted iron plates.

Beautiful polychromy still present with birds and flowers in varied and bright colors.

By opening the chest we discover its beautiful original ornamental plate, finely chiseled with four mermaids each holding a flower. Discreet cutting of two hearts. An arcuate crutch holds the lid in place.

Lock system with 6 bolts which made it inviolable, its key opening the mechanism. Small box inside for more precious objects opening with a second key.

Imposing wrought iron side carrying handles.

This chest has a very unusual padlock on these privateer chests. This precious piece of chiseled ironwork opens with a key with a special bit and adds additional security.

Safe equipped with a complex locksmith system which served as a mobile safe. The one we are presenting has dimensions and weight above average.

From the Nuremberg region, Germany.

17th century period. Original polychromy.

Length: 83cm
Height: 51 cm
Depth: 51 cm
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