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Important cartel on Boulle marquetry sheath: Protective neck brace of the arts, by Thuret
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38000 € (port +200€)
Cartels, Napoléon III, XIX

Very large cartel on sheath 245 cm in height in rich marquetry of brown tortoiseshell and partly brass and counterpart.

The cartel abundantly adorned with gilded and chiseled bronzes is crowned with Minerva. Sitting on her armor and shield adorned with the head of Medusa, she holds a feather and a globe in her hand. A symbol of power also depicted on the statue of the patron goddess of Rome at the Palazzo Senatorio in Capitoline Square.

At the top of the cushion are four finely chiseled bobeches and in the center a helmeted Lupercus face surmounted by a winged Sphinx.

The domed glass door reveals a dial with midnight blue Roman numerals. At the base and in front of the cartel a face of laughing fauna. On the sides of the clock are stylized female faces and in the lower part the attributes of war referring to Minerva: sword, quiver and trumpet.

On the back, on the door, we discover a Bérain decoration of lambrequins, volutes, sphinxes and peacocks made in Boulle marquetry as a counterpart, that is to say whose background is in copper and not in scales. On the other side of the door, the exact same decor is present, partly this time, ie at the bottom of the scales. Inside, the balance with the face of the child Sun King.

The sheath has abundant marquetry on its three sides. This remarkable and abundant decoration of foliage, bouquets, flowers and fantastic animals is also in the style of Bérain. The top and the base of the sheath are surrounded by chiseled gilt bronze rods. Damping and framing a face of fauna are present a Telamon and a caryatid.

This impressive piece with a total height of 245 cm is signed by Thuret in Paris, a family of watchmakers descended from Isaac Thuret, watchmaker to Louis XIV. The mechanism is in working order, strikes the hours and half-hours.

Napoleon III period.

Total height: 245 cm
Width: 61 cm
Depth: 36.5 cm
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