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Louis XV console in oak wood and Aleppo breccia marble
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16500 € (port +150€)
Consoles, Louis XV, XVIII

Richly carved and openwork oak console. Resting on four legs, this piece is distinguished by an abundant, fine and largely openwork sculpture.

The belt, of which we appreciate the abundance of openings, features rock sculptures, natural and floral motifs. In the center, an exploded pomegranate is caught in a large openwork acanthus leaf and framed by flowers arranged in slight asymmetries.

When the four legs are generously curved in curves and against curves, the carved shells give way to volutes, flower scrolls and end with palmette motifs.

The sculpted spacer connecting the four legs features an asymmetrical central nut adorned with a large shell and floral scrollwork.

This console, representative of Rocaille ornaments, particularly highlighted by the influence of the Marquise de Pompadour, is topped with its original marble: the Aleppo breach. This predominantly yellow marble composed of colored fragments comes from the Tholonet quarry, near Aix-en-Provence and provides additional testimony to the Provençal provenance of this console, preserved until now in a large family from the Toulonnaise region.

Louis XV period, 18th century.

Length: 141 cm
Height: 85.5 cm
Depth: 65.5 cm
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