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Pair of nubian flares with horns of plenty
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Others, Napoléon III, XIX

Pair of nubians or torchieres in carved gilded wood and richly polychromed in bright colors.
The two servants in red and gold capes rest on a wooden base painted in "feint marble".
The Nubians present the cornucopias (or Cornucopia in Latin) in order to bring prosperity and luck to the home.
According to Greek mythology, the horn of plenty adorned the forehead of the Amalthea goat, which fed Zeus in his childhood. In the form of a horn overflowing with fruit and flowers, it is a theme taken up in certain paintings and in statuary art: it is one of the traditional attributes of fortune, prosperity, wealth .

Period late nineteenth early twentieth century.

Height: 118 cm
Width: 40 cm
Depth: 24 cm
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