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Polychrome Nuremberg chest with scenes of life, 17th century
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Chest, Renaissance, XVII

Nuremberg chest known as "Corsair chest" in riveted iron plates.

Abundant polychrome presenting several colors with floral and natural patterns. Presence in front of a village painted with farm animals and a dungeon scene.

Also painted on the inside, it was a question of keeping the iron against corrosion but this polychromy is also an element of decoration.

Lock system with 7 bolts which made it inviolable, its key opening the mechanism. Original interior plate decorated with fantastic marine animals. A false lock entry on the front served as decoration and also to deceive.
Small box inside for the most precious objects opening with a press.

Wrought iron carrying handles.

Safe with a complex locksmith system that acted as a mobile safe. They stored papers, precious objects and money there. Mostly made in Nuremberg, they were generally decorated in Holland.

From Nuremberg region, Germany.

Period 17th century. Presented on a modern black mat base.

Height: 42 cm
Height with base: 102 cm
Length: 79 cm
Depth: 42 cm
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