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Large chest of the Second Renaissance with allegories of the four seasons
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Chest, Renaissance, XVII

Important chest in solid oak from the Second Renaissance period. Its large dimensions of 148 cm in length and 94 cm in height make it a more important room than a chest of drawers.

Resting on a plinth with double molding entirely carved with friezes and palms, the top of the chest is also richly worked with patterns including acanthus leaves on its double molding.

The central cartridge panel is decorated with a character and a cherub framed by two Sphingians.

Four female characters represented in feet stand out. These are the allegories of the four seasons, each presenting its attribute. Winter holds an amphora in order to preserve food during the harsh icy periods, summer holds an ear of wheat, autumn has a bunch of grapes in reference to the harvest, spring is covered with flowers. Note that these allegories are not always presented in order by 17th-century huchers and sculptors, as we can see on the panels of certain two-body cupboards from the same period.

The rear uprights display women's motifs on plumed sheath.
Small inner box with flap for more precious objects.

The chest of the Second Renaissance is an essential element of furniture, especially among the wealthy classes. The chests with characters are part of the luxurious models. The patterns of the rich carved ornamentation of our chest are originally borrowed from the Italian Renaissance following the French campaigns of Charles VIII (Furniture of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in France by Jacques Thirion).

Period early 17th century. The opening on the rear facade, some maintenance restorations, notably in the plinth.

Length: 148 cm
Height: 94 cm
Depth: 68.5 cm

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